About Lorraine Urban Baushke

Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin Ireland

My Work

I've always written, but a trip to France (and a photo) inspired me to write a novel that morphed into a trilogy. I love art mysteries. I educated myself by attending workshops, reading books on writing, and attending writers' conferences. The photo is a favorite one taken when I visited the Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin. The library holds copies of books published in Ireland over the decades. It was an intriguing and spiritual place.

Spring flowers at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

My Interests Empower My Writing

I love flowers and earned a Commercial Floriculture degree from Michigan State University, later co-owning Flowers by Lorraine with my mother for twenty years. I now have extensive flower gardens and assist my husband with a vegetable garden. I later earned a BA and MPA from Western Kentucky University, teaching American government at the junior college level.


I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and food presentation. Memorable meals with a beautiful table setting are our evening pleasure. My epitaph should read LORRAINE MADE EVERYTHING PRETTY. 


I have itchy feet when it comes to traveling the world with my husband. We married on Valentine's Day in 1976. I've traveled to Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Tanzania in East Africa. 

These interests influence my writing; my novels are full of food, flowers, wine, and travel. And now I'm sixty-four. 

Christmas Kitchen Decor

Join My Journey

Please like my Facebook page. Search for @rainebaushke.writer. And please enjoy my blog on this web site. I like to keep each post 23 words or less, as 23 is my lucky number. My mother was born 3/23/33, my daughter 1/23, and our grandson 8/23. My husband's lucky number is 53, and  we married in 1976. 

23 + 53= 76. 


Each blog post will focus on one of four areas: Writing, Food, Gardening, Travel.